“My Biggest Surprise”: An Interview with Kellyn Trapp

As a new writer for God Loves Art, I recently connected with Kellyn Trapp to ask about her experience in Foundations of Art Ministry and how it has impacted her life and ministry. Her story drew me in as I learned about the beautiful ministry growth God has created, and the ripple effect the world has seen from her efforts.

Kellyn created a business sharing her Bible journaling skills, yet struggled to call it a ministry. “I already had a ministry happening but never really understood what a ministry was, so when I read up on the course and found out all Jessie would be teaching, I thought wow, I really need to take this course.”

Without hesitation, Kellyn confidently expresses that Jessie is what drew her to the course. A friend introduced her to Jessie, and once getting to know Jessie through an online group and learning about Jessie’s heart for art ministry, Kellyn knew it was exactly what she needed for her next step.

“The course is more than learning about ministry. Jessie really gets into the basics of art in every aspect, in everything that is creative. Music, poetry, dance, anything involving the creative arts. So it taught me more about all the ways that someone can be creative in art ministry. For me, the Foundations course gave me a foundation of what the creative arts are in ministry.”

Coming into the course with no expectations let Kellyn enter with an open mind as to what the outcome might be. She was excited to immediately see the potential, but held her expectations loosely to allow room for the Holy Spirit to move.

She soon realized that being able to do art ministry in the marketplace stood out as the biggest value she received from taking the course— which is the biggest surprise of all.

”Before this course, I had always stayed within the comfort of the church with my art ministry,” she says. Kellyn only presented to women’s Bible studies and small groups. The idea of stepping into the marketplace made her feel hesitant. But Bible art journaling was changing that for her, and Jessie and the Foundations of Art Ministry course solidified that leap.

Kellyn expressed, “Learning I could make a difference in the marketplace, and not just in the church, was the biggest impact on me.”

God has opened up more opportunities for Kellyn than the Bible art journaling alone. Since graduating from Foundations of Art Ministry, several local and national art organizations have requested Kellyn to lead, travel, teach, and create art through other mediums that she had previously not worked in. Because of the skills she learned through Jessie’s short art ministry course, Kellyn is comfortable saying yes to these new opportunities.

“The Lord began opening up a lot of doors. I now have one foot in the church and one foot in the marketplace simultaneously, and have my art ministry in secular galleries and other venues. I am painting in worship live and have an online community as well. It keeps growing and God is always doing something new. I am fully blessed.

“I have a passion now to go into churches and teach them what art can do for them. It has gone from Bible art journaling to teaching and instructing. God is big, and everything with God is bigger.”

The Foundations of Art Ministry course exceeded Kellyns expectations. She assumed that the course would cover the basics of art ministry, but Jessie took the participants further into art as worship and ministry service in sacred and secular settings. Jessie ushered the class into a variety of mediums, leadership skills, and ways to worship through art.

Kellyn says, “Whatever people are assuming this course will be, it will exceed their expectations.” We discussed at length how even someone who has no artistic skill can grow through this course.

“As God is known for doing,” Kellyn told me, “many times he calls us into something that stretches us to the point that we must rely fully on him for the ability to follow through with that calling.” For someone who finds themselves in this situation, Kellyn’s advice is: “Dive into it with an open mind and an open heart and receive all that comes from it.”

As the interviewer, I must share with you my favorite part of this story.

I asked Kellyn how her life and ministry have changed since taking the Foundations of Art Ministry course.

With a smile that filled her face, she explained how her husband now has his own art ministry through music. God has opened opportunities for the two of them to worship together locally at secular art venues. He plays his guitar, and she creates art through sketching and painting.

She told me, “The Foundations course has impacted both of our lives as a team for God’s kingdom. My art ministry now includes my husband and his music as well. It has impacted our lives in such a positive way.”

She told me her husband recently said, “Wow! We are having so much more fun now than we ever have in our lives!” They feel blessed and filled with joy all the time, because they are making an impact in other people’s lives.

Not only has the course affected Kellyn’s personal relationship with God, her ministry, and her worship, but it has done those exact same things for her husband and for them as a couple. That is a ripple effect that we all can ever hope for.

To find Kellyn and her art ministry you can follow her on Facebook @kellyntrapp or @bloominartorg.

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  1. Sallie K Patterson Avatar
    Sallie K Patterson

    So good!!!
    Thankful for God’s blessing & favor on Jessie & Kellyn & all who He will touch with their lives in & out of ministry.

  2. Lori Thompson Avatar
    Lori Thompson

    Wow! Thanks so much for the encouragement. I’m looking forward to starting next month!!

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