Art Exhibitions

CHROMA: a Focus on Color

Welcome to CHROMA, our exploration of color through the art of photography. Color is everywhere, and it’s a joy to capture in all its subtlety, complexity, and vibrance. It is found in nature and the city, in our homes and in our faces. The artists of Emerge welcome you into this exhibit with the eyes of a child, an invitation into both wonder and worship. We marvel at what is seen; we can only imagine the beauty of colors that The Lord created that our eyes cannot yet perceive. We hope you enjoy this color-filled exhibit!

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Guest Juror: Jean Stryker

Jean Stryker is a visual artist and art minister in Lincoln, Nebraska, where she ministers through large-scale paintings for the congregation at F Street Church. Her work explores and abstracts the people, places, and living creatures in her beautiful home state of Nebraska. Find more of Jean’s work at

Lost & Found

Our “Lost & Found” Recycled Art Exhibit naturally carries a theme of redemption, and renewal, of art that is found, juxtaposed, and celebrated, rather than dismissed and discarded. To be Found in Christ is to experience the wonder of a wholly transformed life, becoming a new creation. The marvel of transformation belongs not only to people: Jesus makes all things new.

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Guest Juror: Dean Estes

Dean Estes is a sculptor and painter in Boise, Idaho. Dean faithfully ministers to artists in his community. His bronze sculptures are in numerous collections in Boise and around the Northwest.