Our Instructors

Jessie Nilo, visual artist and mentor of this course • Bryn Gillette, visual artist, Loving the Nations • Jill Schuler, textile artist, Theology and the Arts • Andrew J. Nemr, tap dancer, Conversations in Jazz • Scott McElroy, author, speaker and instructor of Personal Prayer Art • Justin Nielsen, musician, Conversations in Jazz • Travis and Kathy Nelson, writers, visual artists, Creative Writing • Mike Freeman, pastor, Scripture and the Imagination • Lisa Marten, visual artist, Leading in Community • Dean Estes, visual artist, Leading in Community • Brie Tschoepe, actor, Scripture as Spoken Word • Manuel Luz, musician, Beauty and Transcendence • Dave Blakeslee, potter, The Artist as Pastor • Rick Jenkins, potter, sculptor, The Art of Teaching.

About Our Instructors

Our video-based instruction is taught by seasoned art ministers. Each faculty member was hand-picked by Jessie Nilo to teach on a topic that has radically changed Jessie’s life and expanded her own view about what art ministry can be.

Our instructors are all about coupling inclusiveness with excellence, education with grace, persistence with patience. They partner with the Lord in their daily practices, whether creating, teaching, resting, or serving… and they see it all as ministry.