5 Mistakes Churches Make with Artists

Mistake #1: Assuming Artists Don’t Exist in Your Church

If no people around you are creating, how is that Good News? The percentage of highly creative people in the world is infinitely higher than we’ve been led to believe.

Mistake #2: Kicking the Arts Out of Your Church

Yeah, I get a little angry in the video below. But remember, mistakes are unintentional and can be made right.

I deeply love the local church. And I know from experience… All it takes is one person to change “the way things are.”

Mistake #3: Treating Artists as a Feather in a Cap or a Cog in a Machine

Whether an artist is a celebrity, an unknown artist, a beginner or seasoned, a prima donna or a work-horse… Every artist needs human connection and spiritual nourishment.

My artistic friend, please hear me: The talents and services you provide will never define you. Your gifts do not de-humanize you.

You are the Lord’s. That is all, and that is enough. Enjoy the video below.

Mistake #4: Not Knowing What To DO With Artists

Okay, okay. We’ve all heard that working with artists is like herding…. a certain species of animal. So let’s explore that metaphor a bit, shall we? 🐈

We’ll also address the line, “But won’t they get paint on the chairs?” and other lame arguments for banishing the arts.

The video below also contains 4 things your church CAN do with the artists in your midst. 🙂 They will enthusiastically thank you for it!

Mistake #5: Thinking of “Church” as a Building

<church> …Has there ever been a more abused, misunderstood word?

The church is mobile. Artists are especially wired by God to see past labels, into hearts…. and to usher people past assumptions and barriers. Art itself can walk through walls.

Let not our churches be inward-focused during our time on earth.

Thanks for joining me for 5 Mistakes Churches Make with Artists!

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The Possible

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