Suffer the Little Children


I really love the word invite. That’s what Jesus does.After church today we held our once-a-month gathering for VineArts leaders and their families. We all enjoyed a spaghetti lunch, then I took the studio floor and gave a couple of invitations.First I invited the Holy Spirit to manifest His goodness, truth, and imagination in us.Then I invited everyone to become like a little child before our great and loving Father. I asked The Lord to give each person a picture of what it means to love God and each other through art.Scattered around the room were various crayons, markers, paper, paint tubes, small canvas, pastels, collaging material, and anything else they wanted to use.182874_10150411669485652_2593497_n 167788_10150374444155652_1061188_n72152_10150294739235652_7492132_nImmediately Ruth approached and shyly asked if there were watercolor supplies. Ruth is our culinary arts leader and she’s never made a painting before.I found an unlikely remnant of cold-press Arches watercolor paper mistakenly stored among lesser papers. I gave this treasure to Ruth with joy, knowing it was from God.As gentle music played, we prayed, doodled, then boldly entered into artmaking with relaxed and focused purpose. My own hands drew a Converse shoe straight from a paint bottle. I used only tertiary colors, savoring the craziness of hues that are not-quite-one color and not-quite-another. The atmosphere in the studio was contemplative yet serene. Fifteen artists dove into the materials before us at the feet of our broadly grinning Father.Seeing everyone safely in “the zone,” I read aloud from the introduction of my friend’s book Imagine That by Manuel Luz. Manuel tells the story of God creating the universe and then watching proudly like any parent would as His creatures became creators in the world. Manuel reminds us that God truly likes the things we make, flawed and sincere as our work is. Because we are His kids.Toward the end of our artmaking, I mentioned we’d have time to share after reading through Romans 12. Then I read Paul’s letter about using our gifts for God and how to be the body of Christ without falling into pride or envy as we create alongside others.Finally we gathered at the couches to share what God had shown us. One by one, people were surprised to see a theme developing in what God had shown us: Giving, freely giving, our gifts as we have freely received them. A child’s hand reaching through water to grab a fistful of pennies. A coin found in the countryside to be able to attend a dance. A hand extended holding the love of Christ, the light of the world. A girl on a grassy, flower-covered hill, blowing bubbles and watching them float away. A majestic kingfisher bird catching fish to give life rather than consume. A poem on giving, on creating for the sake of creating, and then out tumbled Travis’s real wordplay — oh, the antics of his topsy-turvy wording!The watercolor of the girl on the grassy, flower-covered hill was Ruth’s. It was her very first painting. Through tears she presented it to me, saying this is her gift to me because painting today was my gift to her. It is beautiful.Driving home today, I sensed God’s Spirit resounding in me, saying: Suffer the little children to come unto me. In other words, do not stand in the way between an artist and her loving Father. I have more to say about this topic. But for today, I rest rejoicing in how much God obviously loves his kids. My painting from Ruth rests on a shelf in my living room.And you know what, my friend Manuel?I think all of our pictures are hanging on God’s refrigerator tonight!68965_10150293598365652_5066298_n

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  1. Sherri Avatar

    I love this blog, and the way it is written. I especially love the part where our pictures are hanging on God’s refrigerator. Not just the things we create but our joyous experiences together, hanging in snapshot form on our Daddy’s fridge.

    1. Jessie Avatar

      Thank you, Sherri. I love Manuel’s book so much. That was his metaphor, and it really pulls my heart strings because it’s so accurate.Kathy Nelson is about to lead a book study through Imagine That starting Thursday March 27 (2nd & 4th Thursday nights, for about 3 months). It’s going to be a great study.Thanks so much for your encouragement! 🙂

  2. jane vickers Avatar
    jane vickers

    Thank you. I wish I lived nearby.

    1. Jessie Avatar

      Jane: I wish you lived nearby, too! Do you know about our VineArts Boise group on Facebook? Also our ENVISION group on Facebook… those are wonderful connecting communities where we can relate, inspire, and post our artwork online. God bless you and your creativity.

  3. Lynette Sali Avatar
    Lynette Sali

    Loved your post, Jessie, and also LOVE Ruth’s painting. All of us have a child inside who likes to blow bubbles, admire and pick flowers on a hillside and hold balloons, sometimes releasing them , to watch how the currents of air take them. Our gifts to God are like the balloon as we never know who or when our lives may touch someone with God’s love as the “currents of life” take us from one day and season to another.That day sounds like it was a special time for all and brought forth even greater “community.”

    1. Jessie Avatar

      Good thoughts on gifts being taken on the wind’s currents, Lynette. It’s so important to hold our gifts and opportunities lightly, while holding tightly to each other. <3

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