The Sun-Dog


I was enjoying Open Studio in the late afternoon with several friends.

Golden sunlight flooded in through the windows, saturating our art tables as we worked. I could have moved to a different table with no direct sunlight, but the glow was too lovely to leave.

My cell phone rang. It was my friend Angelia, who works as our pastor’s assistant.

She said, “Hey! You really should look out at the western sky right now. There’s a weird little spot in a cloud; it looks like a tiny rainbow, and it made me think of you. To me it looks like…”

She paused.

“…Like God was painting and he dropped a little dab of color in the sky.”

We hung up, and I walked outside into the January cold.

There it was! A tiny sparkle of radiance in the darkening winter sky.

And she had thought of me.

I learned later that it’s called a sun-dog, a patch of light refracting through airborne ice crystals, most commonly witnessed from a 22-degree angle.

It’s like a tiny smudge of a rainbow.

The science of our Creator delights the eye and the heart. Angelia had seen this phenomenon of beauty and wanted to share it with someone. She had chosen me. Why?

Seeing God’s creativity had reminded her of the arts.

Which reminded her of the church.

Do you know how big a deal that is?

Still gazing at the bright, random spot of color, I allowed these implications to sink into my soul.

Our pastor, Trevor, gave a sermon a few years ago exploring our deep-seated desire for fellowship. “When you experience something beautiful, whether it’s a sunset or an amazing movie, what is your first inclination? You want to go find someone to share it with you. God made you that way because he’s all about relationship; even within himself God is a relational being, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

Being the one searched out is an honor… I’m humbled beyond words.

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