Worth Sharing


My ideas seem so dull and so obvious to me– they don’t really seem worth sharing– but it never fails: Whenever I share those same ideas with another artist, sparks fly, tears flow, ideas are born, and God is glorified.

Why is that?

Do you know that the greatest danger to you as an artist is isolation?

As artists, we need community. As believers, same thing.

If you are a Christian who is the slightest bit creative, it will always be an enormous temptation to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction, away from people.

Especially when the heat is on.

Jesus is taken with you. He loves the creativity he’s put into you, and he’s crazy in love with his church. Needing each other was his idea.

Together his artists can bless each other on this day, in this season, in the hearts and lives of our cities.

That’s what God seems to be pushing us toward. Together. 🙂

3 responses to “Worth Sharing”

  1. Barb Ezell Avatar

    Yeah Jessie! Art and words are a good mix, love ur blog, Keep it up. Mix in color/art & you will rock this medium 2!

  2. amokarts Avatar

    Thanks for this Jessie, Great stuff. Keep on blogging!God bless,Dave

  3. Lynette Brown Sali Avatar

    I’m always energized after reading the things you write. So be free to share, as it will likely touch someone’s heart that day!

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