Renee Flory, Ukraine

This course is flooding my soul and mind, inspiring me to think outside the ministry box. My big breakthrough came from the “Color in Visual Art” lesson which successfully pushed past a creative block and touched something in my spirit. I hadn’t touched watercolors since my early days in college. Now I found a freshness and spontaneity in them that I hadn’t known in years. Within an hour I was able to fully complete a piece that ministered to my spirit and said what I wanted it to say. That was an amazing breakthrough for me. And the art instructor who talked about his artwork in Haiti impacted me greatly—art can say so much more than what meets the eye and have real impact in the community. The lessons build on each other in a great way. Toward the end we got into the deepness and richness of Scripture, reaching out into the community and nations. That made it all the more exciting. The course covered so much more than I expected. I could do it all again and glean even more!