Melisa Pearson, Boise, ID

I loved trying various types of art: writing, poetry, sculpture, drawing with charcoal, painting with ink, etc. Things I thought I could never do! I loved the “Color in Visual Art” lesson. I never knew there were colors that we’ve never seen. Christian art history was brand new to me and very interesting. I love the God-thread throughout the course. It inspired me to think God could use me in my generation. I’ve learned to honor and value others’ creative expression and to be inclusive vs. exclusive. This course has been a rich deposit in my life, not only as an artist but as a person too. Thank you, Jessie and the entire team, for all your hard work. Thank you for following your heart and your dreams in being willing to be led by the Lord in ministering to artists and people both young and old. I’m amazed and so grateful to God.