Elissa Chabassol, Pittsburgh, PA

Foundations in Art Ministry has been great encouragement to me. I really enjoyed the diverse subjects. Jessie, your lessons on the “Elements of Design” and the “Principles of Design” were fantastic! I also enjoyed the photography project, still life drawing, and Andrew Nemr’s tap dancing! I liked seeing my classmates’ ideas, and appreciated their encouragement. I see great importance in being surrounded by other God-fearing Christian artists. I am praying God would prepare my heart for an artsy/God-loving kind of community, whether that’s something I start or become a part of. To see how God moves in people when they’re in the act of creating and making art is so thrilling to me. I loved the “Art and Healing” lesson. When one is engaged in the act of art making it can help heal depression. Thank you so much for designing this course.