Foundations: Spring 2023

Tonight we briefly discussed our Art Ministry Portfolios and the Pillars of Art Ministry (advanced course); then we enjoyed looking at many of our students’ poems from Lesson 14, Poetry. We even got to hear a couple of the poems read aloud by the authors!

Reviewing Lesson 10, we had an enthusiastic showcase of our Still Life exercises! We also discussed how to make beginners feel at ease; one secret weapon is this: If a negative person is in the room, secretly enlist them to help train everyone to only speak kindly about the art we ourselves make, and praise everyone for creating an empowering environment. Never shame negativity. Just casually quip, “Aw, heads up, we don’t insult ourselves—every person is creative…” and quickly change the subject so as not to embarrass. Jessie also wanted to show a few “Elements of Design” Photography Assignments tonight since they’re coming in before March 19, but we ran out of time– oh well!

Discussion about Lesson 9, Art and Emotional Healing. What internal or external (emotional, spiritual, situational) disruptions or struggles occurred while creating this week? We’re also looking for different name for our “Therapeutic Arts” group on Emerge. Any suggestions, please add your idea to our discussion in our group on Emerge!

We covered both Lessons 6 and 7 in this Q&A and discussion about our Photography/Elements of Design project and Conversations in Jazz.

Our discussion of Lesson 5, about ministering across the entire artistic continuum from pre-artists to folks who’ve done art for decades. We’re sharing in our breakout groups: What are 2 action steps that I need to take in reference to my own artistic needs, as an appreciator and creator of art?

On January 30, we discussed Lesson 4, Transcendence and Beauty, with Manuel Luz. We also addressed these Q&A questions: 1) What has been the hardest part of your art ministry and how do you deal with it? 2) What if I am not connected to a church, can I still do art ministry?

On January 23, this was our discussion question inside our small groups: What about Lesson 3 “Creativity and Me” was hard for you? What was easy for you? Plus, Jessie’s mom has Shingles.

On January 16 we talked about Lesson 2 in our little retreat-themed break-out groups, which we’ll do sometimes during this course. Jessie introduced how to interact in our groups of 3 to 5 people… Are we keeping time? What if someone in our group never talks? What if someone talks too much? Can I move to another group? These questions and more are answered in this 10-minute video.

Below is our Zoom about the Introduction & Lesson 1 (Jan. 9). We told a few stories about various ways to do art ministry. I love how you’re supporting and encouraging each other with so much heart and grace!