Your Story Matters

Finding, Writing, and Living the Truth of Your Life

Leslie Leyland Fields

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Your story is bigger than you know.
From its tiniest details to its most dramatic events, your story is a sacred gift, worthy of attention. But how do you find and tell that story?

In this practical, liberating guide based on her thirty years of writing and teaching, Leslie Leyland Fields will lead you step by step in exploring your past and shaping your memories into vivid, compelling stories. With writing exercises to help you dive deeper into your story, you’ll discover new spiritual truths, reclaim the past, share hope, and pass on your own extraordinary legacy.

Understanding God’s work in our stories is a vital part of our faith. Not just a book for writers, this practical and inspiring book teaches us how to sift through our experiences to find the places we have witnessed God in our journey: the mysterious, the tragic, the miraculous, and the ordinary.