Draw Near to Me

A Creative Devotional Journal

Ingrid Jeffers

Appears in:
Creativity, Devotional

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Creativity is the Foundation for Miracles

When we create with God the Father, we enter into the family business of disrupting the natural with the supernatural.

Draw Near to Me is a creative devotional journal for those who want to have fun with God while being transformed by His love, empowered by His presence, and captivated by His heart to reconcile humanity to Himself. Through thoughtful questions, powerful prayer prompts, and simple drawing cues you will:

  • Learn to hear God’s voice
  • Grow in intimacy with the Father
  • Get clarity on your purpose
  • Become an avid risk taker
  • Learn to live form God’s love
  • Tap into God’s provision to be a history maker
  • Be released into your destiny as a world changer

To every person who is ready to walk in their God-given identity and bring God’s love and healing power to the world around them—grab your paintbrush.