A Rule of Life

for Redemptive Entrepreneurs


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As a community of practice for redemptive entrepreneurship, we at Praxis believe the starting point for all our work — before organization vision and mission, before strategy and business models and organizational functions — is what we call the “Leader’s Script.” By the Leader’s Script, we mean the leader’s internal answers to questions like these: What are my motives for leadership and entrepreneurship? How do I understand my identity, vision, and mission? What is the source of my creativity and what shapes my imagination? How do I internalize the pursuit of power, prestige, and wealth?

The key to forming and sustaining a godly script is the leader’s practices and rhythms. To this end, we offer A Rule of Life for Redemptive Entrepreneurs as a set of shared practices for the Praxis community, and for anyone interested in faithfully pursuing a vocation as an entrepreneur, innovator, or creator.