A Place of Beauty

A 21-Day Devotional for Artists

Catherine M. Miller

Appears in:
Beauty, Call

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Are you trying to find your place as an artist in the church? Wondering if anybody cares about your dreams to record an album or publish a book? Do you question if pursuing your art is worthwhile?

You are not alone.

In A Place of Beauty, artists and pastors from around the world reflect on the timeless truths of Scripture and call us forward to define success by one thing – following Jesus. Step into a 21-day rhythm of reflection, practice, and prayer to be reminded that you are the beloved of God and part of his communion of artistic saints who have a shared struggle, shared celebrations, and shared story as fellow makers in the Kingdom of God. Representing a movement of artists and pastors called United

Adoration, the contributors share a common mission to revitalize the creativity of the local church by empowering artists to create in their own language, culture, and context. Written to the heart of the artist in each of us, the personal stories and biblical reflections invite you into deeper union with God. In these stories, you will be challenged and equipped to:

  • Rest in your identity as the Father’s beloved
  • Submit your vocation to the authority of Jesus Christ
  • Invite the Holy Spirit into your creative process

You are an artisan in the Kingdom of God. You have been given the spiritual gifting and skill to cultivate a place of beauty in this world. If you want to learn how, this devotional is for you.