Vision Becoming Reality

Sallie K Patterson

Acrylic paint

The tree in our side yard looks like any other tree, transitioning from one season to another, with lush leaves throughout summer, losing its leaves in fall and revealing its lacy branches in the winter. When spring comes, it displays delicate pink blossoms brightening the side yard.

All year, under its branches, rests a chair and a small table. As I sit inside eating my breakfast and drinking my coffee, I reflect on how they look like an invitation to enjoy my breakfast outside, later, when it is warmer. At present, I’m content watching the blossoms drift down on the small still-life outside my window. (Image one)

As the weather warms and blossoms are replaced by leaves, the bicycle comes out of storage and the beauty of spring becomes the anticipation of summer. What was an imagined invitation becomes a vision of promised reality. (Image two)