The Lord Takes Care of All the Grassy Things

Jessie Nilo


Our yard’s overhaul started 2 years ago, a slow process with amazing results. Our fence was falling down, and our grass was mostly dead, just dirt and weeds with bumps and divots.

While contractors ripped up our front yard, a Foundations student told me she had a puzzling word from the Lord for me: “The Lord takes care of all the grassy things. I don’t know what that means,” she apologized. But I knew! I had not slept the night before, worrying about the grass hydroseed process.

So I told God: “Wow… okay. I totally trust you. I won’t worry anymore.”

Today we’re nearing completion, hurray! My favorite part of our yard is the original mowing strip idea, which turned into a service path around our entire back yard. I even added a labrynth into the footpath for walking and reflection. God really cares about the details of our lives… right down to the smallest blade of grass.