The Clearing

Amy Hui


Easter morning, I thought about the space between crucifixion and resurrection–where rescue seems impossible, and where I am tempted to forget that time is a medium and God is outside of time.

I saw the color palette for this piece during an Easter service. My matte black nail polish stacked beneath the colors of communion. Instantly, I thought about Mark Rothko’s color field paintings. When I started to explore this in the studio, I became increasingly frustrated. At some point, I had to let go of researching and attempting to make the art fit my vision. I held onto vision so tightly, I forgot to listen to what the piece wanted to be. I didn’t give it room to change, to grow.

I am realizing transformation is just as much about letting go as it is about grasping onto the new, even if it is unseen, even if it takes more time than I expected.