Gathered: The Assembled Ones

Amy Hui

Assemblage – Mahjong tiles, cardboard, and other found objects

I believe everything, everyone has inherent value. The invitation is to pick up the discarded, and listen for what is not immediately obvious. Every found object has a history. What I see, what it becomes in my hands, is only part of its journey. We all have stories to tell.

May my invitations create the same change in others that Your invitation has caused in me. ‘Yes’ or ‘no,’ may the God who sees me remind them of His unconditional love. May the extended invitation bring hope and encouragement that leads to the beauty of acceptance.

May I remember You are both provision and provider. You are accessible to the broken, the sick, the sinner. That is who the invitation is for – all of us.

May I never forget I am one of the exiles, the rescued ones, and You are the rescuer. You have longed to gather us.