Bursting Forth

Jen Alward

Twigs, a discarded nest (it was in the middle of a snowy driveway), acorn, hot glue

In the midst of chaos and strife, winter winds and howling rains, He is working unseen. It is easy to miss Him in the cold and dark but that doesn’t mean He isn’t here.

Slowly, the light of day lengthens and sunbeams thaw frozen ground. The birds return, flitting through the tree branches, filling the air with song while peepers flood the swamplands with a welcoming cacophony. And then one day you look up, suddenly noticing — life is bursting forth everywhere, changing the texture and colors of the world!

So much of transformation is done in quiet spaces, protected and isolated. It is a brave and glorious moment when its beauty, evidence of diligence in the dark, is revealed.

What in your life is in need of a little protection and nourishment today?
What evidence of God’s presence are you noticing around you…and in you?