Broken & Exalted

Jen Alward

Natural objects found on a walk (sticks, bark, acorn, pine cones, butterfly, moth), hot glue, and string.

This piece was inspired by many things: a walk, music, and the message of Easter. Though it encompasses many thoughts, Philippians 2:6-10 sums it up well.

As I wrapped string around tiny branches I considered the crown of thorns & other scars Jesus bore for me.

As I played with the bark I thought of the hill & tomb. The white birch reminded me of the burial linens discarded & a path. Then I noticed the hole. A branch with leaf buds on it fit perfectly, reminding me of the prophesy, “a shoot will sprout up from the stump of Jesse.”

So many promises & prophesies fulfilled as Jesus surrendered Himself to being broken for us. So many processes in nature require a breaking for new life to begin. The acorn, seed, & cocoon are like the tomb…transitional spaces that give way to life & beauty.

The butterfly is ready to fly. A burst of color. A hint of what’s to come! Our present reality is not the end.