A Time for Every Purpose

Sallie K Patterson

Acrylic paint on recycled materials

Isaiah 1:18 says, “ Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow “ I asked the Lord what He wanted to say to me in this verse. I believed Him to say, “Let them go—settling in sin, though it has been wiped away, is choosing prison instead of freedom.”

It may seem like a stretch to go from the freedom Christ provided by dying on the cross for us to a throwaway box and a beautiful journal. However, a cracker box, bound for the trash, can have new life when in the hands of someone who sees its worth, potential and foundation for change.

This journal, which started out as a box designed for a purpose, transitioned to new life as a container of hope, encouragement, and truth when its past identity was changed. There was freedom to be something new, like life “white as snow.”