Video Editor


To refine our instructional footage into timely on-topic videos that are educational and easy to watch. Our editor edits and uploads 2-3 short videos weekly to create a viewing experience that’s informative and encouraging, increasing the quality of raw video and audio while removing anything distracting, confusing, awkward, or potentially damaging.


  • Efficiency and proficiency with video editing software.
  • Organization and planning.
  • Time management and ability to report accurate number of hours worked. 
  • Self-motivated follow-through, with no procrastination.
  • Analytical and attention to detail. 
  • High visual standards for composition, lighting, and framing. 
  • Accurate spelling for names, titles, and captions. 
  • Committed to the mission of GLA. 
  • Coachable, teachable.  
  • Takes critique well and makes needed adjustments.
  • Emotional intelligence: Can tell if a recorded video scene contains anxiety or awkwardness or could cause anyone regret, embarrassment, or emotional pain.

Time Requirements

45 minutes on a Tuesday (anytime between Monday 9PM ET and Tuesday 9PM ET), plus 3 additional hours weekly on your own schedule.


Starting at $400/month.

About GLA Work Culture 

Self-starters, kind, honest, light-hearted, creatively inclusive, artistically curious, teachable without defensiveness or blaming, committed to the mission, patient and encouraging, quick to resolve relational discord, quick to listen and slow to speak when it comes to political and doctrinal differences within the Christian faith, growing and learning is a high value, consistently respectful of all people and people groups, work and collaborate openly with integrity, enthusiasm, decisiveness, and follow-through.


  • Use no transitions, just quick cuts. No fades, blurs, or Crossfade. 
  • Add our GLA intro and outro. 
  • Add music if requested.
  • Make audio adjustments as you go. Mute or delete clips with jarring noises such as dogs barking, a loud paper turning, a book dropping on the floor, a sudden microphone spike, etc.