About Us

We are people that have love on what we do!


We are a small company that sells jewelry, T-shirts, shoes(will be soon) and cool apparel!

We have present in USA and Europe(Germany)

 A lot of people believe in God but are not realized that the most persecuted people in the world nowadays are the Christians (can be Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Pentecostals, Coptic) and Jews. If you think that only in the Middle East, Asia or Africa Christians are persecuted, I invite you to rethink. In fact many people that claim him or herself Christian in the so-called Christian countries (like North America or Europe)  can face problems - starting at the College. Sometimes even if you are not a Christian, but believe in God, you can face trouble.

Our purpose is simple: to let you be known in a different way in this World. Our designs are made by Christians and for Christians no mater which Church you belong to. The Creation, the Gospel, our wonderful God will be expressed through artwork.