Why God Loves Art?

Posted by Carlos Keglevich on

Just look at the Creation: Imagine the time when you were a kid, you decided to go to a summer camp. During the night, at the light of the bonfire, you decided to see the stars. The universe. You, in the middle of nowhere, in close contact of Nature. Or when you travel far away by car to the beach, or to the mountains - all you can see are forests, mountains, rivers, sea, animals. 

Interesting that even if you don't pay attention to everything, you can even see something strange inside our bodies. Or through a microscope. For sure all nature is a form of art.

It's impossible that everything that we see comes out from nowhere. All nature is a form of art, and Someone bigger than us created everything.

We are just humans. We only see these marvelous and try to copy them. But even our copies are wonderful - we also made something from raw material to express our feelings, our desires. 

An image is better than a thousand words, so sometimes just a written statement doesn't show everything. We make our products to allow you to share the message to the world. A message of Hope, Creation, Power, Healing, Victory. 

I hope you enjoy to share this message to the world.  

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